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Why Chathur-Krt Constructions! - 1

Updated: Dec 30, 2019

Have you ever wondered what is our company all about and why you you should choose us...?

First of its kind in Twin cities

Yeah you read it correctly... There is no company in and around Hyderabad where you can get a service like ours.

Traditional Process:

The basic process will be when ever anyone wants build a home or any other activity for their home like interior designing,painting etc .. then they will find a contractor and will fix costs based on what contractor says.. After that contractor may directly employ the labor or he may give sub contracts and any how work will get completed and all payments and everything will be closed.

After few days/months you might have found some issues or faults in the work, now can you go to contractor and question him? No right.. That's where the issue comes.


Here comes Chathur-Krt Constructions

But if you come to us it will be a complete different process.

Firstly, we are a government registered company. So you can definitely trust us with no doubt.

Now when you first contact us we will come to the site, estimate things and will give you a detailed cost estimate plan. So you will get cl ear understanding on everything. After agreeing on costs mutually, We will also send a work plan which includes each and every detail from project start date to end date. So you will have clear cut knowledge on your site.

Everything will be done based on plan and work will be completed as per schedule.

Now if you have any queries or doubts in our workmanship,unlike contractors you can reach us any time.

When we serve you we take responsibility even after we are done with your work. You can come question us at anytime and we are there always to answer you.

Interesting right! Yes you will get the most valuable and trustworthy services when you come to us. We take complete responsibility of your work and takes great pride in satisfying you with the our quality and in time deliverable's.

This is just a single point why you should choose us. There are lot more points which we helps you make a wise decision.

Will be continued with next article on another point.

Stay connected!!!


"Chathur-Krt Constructions... Trustworthy services at lowest affordable prices with superior quality"

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