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House painting is absolutely a quick and easy way to refresh your home and it completely changes the aura of your house. A fresh coat of paint adds value to your home and makes it more attractive.

Just like we dress ourselves to look pretty attractive, painting home is also important to protect it from damage caused by extreme heat, air, rainwater & other natural activities. Painting fills in cracks & holes while helping to increase its longevity by protecting it from further wear & tear. Therefore, it becomes essential to paint your house. 

  • The Complete Painting system, including Wall Putty, Primer, and Paint, will be provided by Chathur-Krt Constructions.

  • We decorate, paint and plaster both residential and commercial properties having provided our services to retailers and office buildings as well as domestic properties of all sizes.

  • Whether its new-builds or renovations, internal or external painting – as experienced painting contractors in Hyderabad we’re able to tailor our approach to our client's needs and add real value to your premises. 

  • Chathur-Krt Constructions is here with a wide range of paining services - Putty, Primer, Paper cut, Paint, Texture, Door Polish and a lot more.

  • We offer an exceptional experience from the first call to the final invoice.

  • Chathur-Krt Constructions known for quality service, quality paint and quality results.

Our Highlights
  • Flexible to your needs..To accommodate the needs of our clients, we can work evenings, nights and week-ends as well as a normal schedule. We understand how important it is for you, your family, your employees and customers to return to a clean, dust-free environment.

  • Supervision..We provide a dedicated associate who is well versed at providing estimates, and monitoring painting jobs and will be at premises to ensure that a job is completed within or before the given time.
    e will monitor progress at the site, and take corrective action to ensure that the application procedures match our standards

  • Adaptability..The honest hard working approach we apply to each job ensures that projects are completed on time and that the absolute minimum of disturbance is caused to your home and family life.

  • Quality..When you have the most experienced people, the most advanced equipment, and proven project management techniques, you get quality service beyond price.

  • Continual work..Our structured, detailed approach allows us to continuously deliver and have a reputation for achieving above and beyond expectations.

  • Cleanliness.. We understand how important it is for you, your family, your employees and customers to return to a clean, dust-free environment. The only thing we leave behind is a great first impression.

  • In time Delivery.. We ensure timely delivery and lives up to its promise which makes us the best in the industry. We also help our clients in early deliveries if needed by employing extra labor.

  • Inspection.. To ensure the quality and progress of work being done inspections will be done regularly providing our clients utmost satisfaction.

"Chathur-Krt Constructions... Trustworthy services at lowest affordable prices with superior quality"

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