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Electrical Work

Electricity is one of nature’s most powerful and dangerous. We all rely on electricity to go about our everyday lives, it’s easy to forget that electricity is, in fact, a potentially dangerous thing. It takes a lot of energy to power a building, or even a single room.

To those of us without much knowledge of electrical work, it may seem like any licensed electrician is as good as the next one. We’re used to hearing that a professional electrician needs to be licensed and insured, and we don’t hear much beyond that. In reality, it’s a lot more complicated than that.

Your electrician has a lot of responsibility in his hands and it’s very important that you choose a licensed electrician with expertise and advanced skill. Not only will a better electrician provide better, faster services on-time and on-budget, but higher quality electrical work means a lower likelihood of needing future repairs.

following is competative price for electrical work 

Electrical works

Our Services

  • Chathur-Krt Constructions is your first choice for the highest standard in reliable and professional electrical service in twin cities.

  • Our company specializes in Industrial, Commercial as well as Domestic applications in which we offer comprehensive support which includes New installations, Service and general maintenance, 24 hour emergency breakdown response, as well as Contract maintenance.

  • We have a wealth of experience and knowledge to delight our clients with the flawless services as we do always

  • From a blown fuse and faulty wiring to major electrical contracting, we are the obvious choice for homes and businesses across Queensland. Whatever you need from repairs to installations, we are here to help.

  • We are proud of having a reputation for the highest quality workmanship, reliability and competitive pricing, all underpinned by outstanding customer service.

Our Highlights

  • Highly Experienced Electricians..Our skilled and experienced electricians have been providing expert electrical solutions to our clients at highly competitive rates. During this time, we have gained an enviable reputation for reliability, outstanding levels of service, and first rate customer care.

  • Trust Our Professionals..Our team of electrical contractors have the skills to service a variety of electrical components. From installations, to repairs, to maintenance and everything in between, we're ready to ensure your electrical systems work as smoothly as possible.

  • Safe Electrical work..Our technicians are trained to proactively identify safety concerns, always ensuring they make recommendations to make your home or business safe.

  • Flexible Services..Chathur-Krt Constructions provides you with a full consultation to explain your available options so that you can choose the scope of work that’s right for your home or business - and your budget.

  • Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed..Chathur-Krt Constructions strives to save you both time and money. We've sourced some of the most highly trained and experienced electricians from around the state and brought them together to ensure our customers experience only the highest quality parts and labor, excellent customer service, at an affordable and transparent cost.

  • In time Delivery.. We ensure timely delivery and lives up to its promise which makes us the best in the industry. We also help our clients in early deliveries if needed by employing extra labor.

  • Inspection.. To ensure the quality and progress of work being done inspections will be done regularly providing our clients utmost satisfaction.

"Chathur-Krt Constructions... Trustworthy services at lowest affordable prices with superior quality"

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